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Mastering Life in 3 Steps – Step 1

From Mastering Life’s Energies by Maria Nemeth

Step 1

  1. The ideas, dreams, and goals that inspire us speak clearly of the contributions we are here to make, that only we can make. Turning into them, we experience clarity and energy. Listening to them, we see inside us that which is already whole and complete just waiting to be expressed.  (ix)
  2. What do you want people to remember you for? (4)
  3. Luminosity
    1. Is about “something more”; it is about being successful without being exhausted. (4) It is about living the life you were meant to live without running yourself in the ground and driving those around you crazy. (6)
    2. Each person must enter the forest in the darkest place for him where you cannot see a path; if you can see the path easily, it is not your path to walk. (6)
    3. It takes daring to become focused on your dreams instead of focused on your dilemmas. (8)
    4. The difference between a happy moment and a luminous moment is that in luminous moments you have taken action on something. Luminous moments occur when you generate something more important from inside yourself and make it real in the physical world. (10)
    5. Life is luminous when you create games worth playing and goals worth playing for. (33)
    6. Engagement – dancing with your dreams – and luminosity go hand in hand. (35)
    7. Luminosity – playing in the zone – is when you play with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. (35)
    8. It is not how much you do as it is what you do; the busy life isn’t always the successful life. Instead, success is consistently doing what you said you would do with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. (12)
    9. You have everything you need to function perfectly on your hero’s journey. Nothing has been left out; there is nothing wrong with you. (16)
    10.  “For everything that has been, I say thank you; for everything that will be, I say yes.” – Dag Hammarskjöld.”(18)
      1. How do you say yes? You say, “I am willing.” Being willing energizes yourself to action. You get in touch with your hero’s heart. (18)
      2. Say out loud,” I am willing. I have willingness. I am saying yes to my life’s adventures.” (19)
      3. If we continue down this path, we are liable to end up where we are headed.” Buddhist saying. (21)
      4. When you see clearly what is before you, you will know in your heart what to do. (22)
        1. I can think of many times I’ve looked away because a problem or situation wasn’t immediately clear. It is uncomfortable to stand still when seeing nothing or being confused. (29)
        2. Sometimes you have to jump up high to see that there is something besides water in your environment. (32)
        3. Games worth playing include winning; winning includes overcoming obstacles. (37)
          1. We don’t want to lose but we do want a challenge.
          2. Winning and scoring are great, but digging deeper we notice the thrill is in developing our skills so that we can win despite our obstacles. (38)
          3. When challenged, do not get frustrated; remember this is supposed to happen.(38)
          4. When you engage with personal games worth playing, you define who you are; You sizzle because you are claiming success on your own terms. (42)
          5. Life’s Intentions are a way of being. (41)
            1. Intention: To be a
            2. Goal: I (action)
            3. Physical reality is dense; we move, create, adjust, and modify; this takes energy. (44)
              1. Physical reality is dense, is impermanence, and unpredictable. (45)
              2. To deal with unpredictability you “learn to dance with it. (46)
              3. Metaphysical reality is ideas, dreams, and visions, timeless spiritual principles that we use to wake us up and move the fog from the path. (46)
              4. “The road to satisfying experiences must necessarily pass through the terrain of discomfort.” – Gregory Burns (51)
                1. “Something” always happens when you start on a game worth playing; it means you are on the right path. (51)
                2. This trouble, chaos, etc. is common because you are crossing the border between metaphysical (ideas, dreams, vision) and physical (dense, impermanence and unpredictable.) (52)
                3. Liftoff (from metaphysical to physical) requires much more fuel and energy than you expected (52).
                4. Do not just put your head down, grit your teeth, and forge your way forward. Remember, in luminosity, you cross the border with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. (55)

CITE: Mastering Life’s Energies: Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play, Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. (New World Library, Novato, California, 2007)

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