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Are you experiencing a heart winter?

Insights from Dawn’s Early Light:

There are a thousand ways for winter to fall into human life, and most have nothing to do with the weather. Any loss  or tragedy will do — illness, poverty, age, abandonment, etc.  But nothing freezes the heart as hard and fast as the horrors human beings deliberately inflict upon one another. Winters that freeze the heart, unlike those that chill the earth, do not inevitably give way to summer.

  1. Once you learn to tap into love, you’ll find it can mend wounds that you thought would never heal. The people who astonish me are those who despite unimaginable suffering have found their way back to happiness by practicing loving kindness.  Your practice includes taking care of your physical body and repeating, “May I be well. May I be happy. May I be filled with joy.”
  2. When your heart wants to mourn, let the sadness grow as large as it wants to be.  As it does, tell yourself, “May I be happy. May I be at peace. May I be free from pain.”
  3. When your emotions hurl you into anger or fear, give them loving attention.  Tell yourself “May I be at peace. May I be comforted. May I be filled with joy.” 

The next time events pull you into an emotional winter, do not fight your feelings. offer them your love.


Dr. Sheila Embry is a govie, author, pracademician, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend who loves to read, write, think, and laugh. Many of her blog postings are summaries or excerpts of books that she read and wants to share to encourage others. An author with more than 25 years experience within the legislative and executive branches of the U. S. federal government holding 3 accredited degrees: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and Baccalaureate of Business Administration, she believes in continuing learning both on and off the job. She has been recognized with multiple professional and writing awards for her peer-reviewed, publications. Click the bibliography page above for a listing of all the publications.

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