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Women’s rhythm

Thoughts from Laune Redmond’s book, When the drummers were women: A spiritual history of rhythm:

Because drumming was recognized as an ancient source and symbol of the power of females, drumming was banned by early priests thereby designating divinity to be exclusively masculine.

The status of women sank even further through the teachings of Paul and Timothy who required that women should not speak in public. Women were to be quiet and pray only to God. Even up to the 5th century, women who taught at universities could be labeled a pagan and were at risk of death such as experienced by Alexandria Hypatia. She was dragged by a chariot into the church where she was slashed to death by oyster shell. The attacker received sainthood from the Vatican.

God is asexual thus the woman has no place in church. It was written into the church doctrine. In the early centuries, the only women allowed into churches were asexual virgins who were allowed to sing in the choir. This began the unspoken message to women that to be acceptable to God, they must deny their sexuality. Despite all of this, the church is usually referred to as feminine.  Notre Dame means Our Lady.

As we interact with others, our rhythms influence one another. To communicate successfully, we must adjust our tempos to others. This is something that is valued in women. Rhythm drives the earth’s cycle and the cycles of our emotions.

I am not advocating a return to goddess worship. The past can never be recreated. In our society, women live in a fog of denial  and distortion. Having a knowledge of the goddess archetype can counter the denials and distortions.


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