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Science thoughts

“I have gradually become convinced that science is indeed approaching some sort of culmination.”  (p. 4)

“Science…keeps imposing limits on its own power.”  (p. 4)

“If one believes in science, one must accept the possibility that the great era of scientific discovery is already over.” (p. 4)

“We humans and all other life on earth evolved by natural selection from single-celled organisms – pond scum, essentially – that appeared on the planet roughly 4 billion years ago.” (p. 4)

“Superstring theory, …often called a ‘theory of everything’ posits that all the matter and energy in the universe, and even space and time, stem from infinitesimal string like particles wriggling in a hyperspace consisting of 10 or more dimensions.” (p. 5)

“Science’s current impasse was foretold almost 3 decades ago.” (p. 6)

“Adams’s ‘law of acceleration’, …then science may well be moving at unprecedented speed just before it crashes into them.” (p. 6)

“When I interviewed Stent…he was more convinced than ever that science had entered the homestretch.” (p. 8)

“The faster science moves, the faster it will reach its ultimate, inevitable limits.” (p. 11)

“His view of science as cyclic implied that science may one day be resurrected …Yet science is not cyclic but linear.” (p. 12)

My thoughts:  I have a real problem with the ideas presented in this article.  Science is not at the end of its term; nor is it like a light bulb that burns brightest just before it blows, ready to explode into history. Finally, nor is it linear with a finite ending.  The fact that there are scientists who believe these ideas, amaze me that they want to be called scientists. Science, by it’s very nature is exploring what is next to be explored.  We’ve learned that space and possibility is infinite; therefore the opportunities for science is infinite as well.

Why do I believe science is cyclical, not linear? The scientific fact that everything in life and nature is cyclical causes one to posit that science is cyclical as well.  Could science be the only exception?  I don’t think so.

Why do I believe these scientists truly believe these facts?  When they believe that all mankind that all that there is came from pond scum and when pond scum has been explored to its zenith, it is natural to believe the end is near.  However, we did NOT come from pond scum.  But let’s posit for a moment that we did.  Who is to say that tomorrow, next week or next year, some scientist may come up with a more powerful microscope that finds even more universes inside the smallest pond scum particles already classified. No, science is not dying, mankind is not pond scum, and we are not finite or linear.

Reference: The Twilight of Science of John Horgan


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