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Co-Active Coaching: Quick Notes – Listening

  • Listening: Level 1 listening is internal – hearing the words of the other person but focusing on what they mean to us, i.e., looking inside. Level 2 listening is focused listening with attention laser-focused on the other person. Level 3 is a global range of listening that includes hearing the emotions, the body language, and the environment itself.
  • People get bigger when they know they’re being listened to; they have more presence. They feel safer and more secure and can begin to trust. Listening includes 1. articulating or mirroring back to clients what they’ve said to you; 2. clarifying which is the skill of listening, asking, articulating, reframing and testing different perspectives to assist the client in seeing more clearly; 3. meta-view which is getting in a hypothetical helicopter with the client and going up to about 5,000 feet and then looking down on the big picture of life from another view; 4. metaphors which is a way to draw on imagery and experience to help the client comprehend more easily; and 5. acknowledging which strengths the client’s foundation.

Reference: Whitworth, L, Kimsey-House, H., Sandahl, P. Co-Active Coaching. (1998) Palto Alto, CA: Davies-Black Pub


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