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Dreams and other invisible thoughts

“There is a period in early childhood in which dreams are regarded as real, and in which the events, transformation, gratifications, and threats of which they are composed are regarded by the child as if they were as much a part of his actual daily life as his daytime experiences. The capacity to establish and maintain clear distinctions between the life of dreams and life in the outside world is hard-won and requires several years to accomplish, not being completed even in normal children before ages eight to ten.            – John Mack 1970

Science may have evicted ghosts and witches from our beliefs, but it just as quickly filled the vacancy with aliens having the same function. Only the extraterrestrial outer trappings are new. – Thomas Bullard, 1989”

Why is it that dreams (day or night ones), witches, aliens, etc. are in the fabric of our existence? Is there something in our life that we are lacking? Is it a comforting mechanism?

I was told that I used to have an invisible friend named Honey. Honey went everywhere with me, and my parents and sisters played along. I have no memory of Honey, no idea how  long Honey stayed with me, or if he was there all the time or just when I was bored or insecure.

Have you ever talked to “people” who aren’t there? Do you talk with loved ones who have passed on?  Do you talk to your guardian angels? Do you do it when you need comforting or when you are attempting to figure something out? What do you think your dreams and these talks mean? Are they important to you?

Reference: Carl Sagan (1996) The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark. New York: Ballentine Books


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