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Careers and Ages According to Facebook Quizzes

In quizzes about my career, I was told that I should be

A writerYou have an unmatched skill for creating vast worlds both through facts and pure imagination. Your mind is full of creativity, artistry, and expression. You heart gracefully guides your hands as you work to bring what is truly your spirit to life. You were truly meant to guide the world with your words.”

And an architect – “You have an eye for detail and a skill for design. You have a hunger for accomplishing great things, and the proper combination between imagination and will power to make those great things come true. You were meant to create great buildings with the creative power of your mind.”

angel seraph

Angel with seraph wings

According to another Facebook quiz in my after life, I’ll be a guardian angel – “Your will have the glorifying job as a Guardian Angel! Your kind and nurturing abilities make you perfect for the job of watching out for the human race. You are beautiful and divine, and will finally have an actual halo to go with those wings!”

 And according to yet another quiz, as a guardian angel, I’ll have seraph wings – “You have Seraph Wings! Since you hold the 6 wings (not just two!) of this magical creature, you suggest a wide support system of watchfulness and security. You feel as if your main responsibility is to enlighten others with your vast knowledge of preferred interest, teaching them new things and proving we always have more to explore or uncover in the mystery of life. You motivate and inspire not just other people but yourself as well, to do the best they can in a quest for a spiritual lifestyle. You also hold the highest level of authority in this realm of enlightenment, making you the go-to-person for advice and wisdom, with true concern and care for the outcome of others endeavors.”

Finally, according to other Facebook quizzes,

I’ll live to be 106You like to seize the day. You live life in a way that is different and interesting. Personal achievements come your way like a swarm of bees. When it’s rough, you remind yourself that it’ll pass soon. “Carpe Diem” might possibly be your friend.”

The age of my heart is 17;

The age of my soul is 34; and

My mental age is 42 – “Congratulations, you think like a wise person.”

What is interesting about this is that I do write and I used to work for an architect (a couple of times actually). I like the idea of being a guardian angel as I think I owe mine some help and I like the idea of the extra wings to help with security and enlightenment. Though all in fun these quiz results make me smile…what about you?



Dr. Sheila Embry is a govie, author, pracademician, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend who loves to read, write, think, and laugh. Many of her blog postings are summaries or excerpts of books that she read and wants to share to encourage others. An author with more than 25 years experience within the legislative and executive branches of the U. S. federal government holding 3 accredited degrees: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and Baccalaureate of Business Administration, she believes in continuing learning both on and off the job. She has been recognized with multiple professional and writing awards for her peer-reviewed, publications. Click the bibliography page above for a listing of all the publications.

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