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We’ve always been told to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. According to one cardiac specialist, drinking water at certain times maximizes water’s effectiveness on your body. So during this 40-day journey, I will follow this pattern of drinking water:

  •  2 glasses of water after waking up will help activate your internal organs
  • 1 glass of water 30 minutes before each meal will help your digestion
  • 1 glass of water before taking a bath will help lower your blood pressure
  • 1 glass of water before going to bed will help you avoid stroke or heart attack and will also help prevent night time leg cramps. Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up.

To assist me with this, I have a 57-ounce glass water pitcher. My goal is to fill the pitcher and drain it daily. No matter what other liquids I consume during the day, I’ll empty this pitcher every day. “Water contributes to crucial processes in your body, such as providing moisture where needed, removing toxins from organs, flushing out waste and transporting nutrients to cells” so drinking water daily is a healthy choice.





Dr. Sheila Embry is a govie, author, pracademician, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend who loves to read, write, think, and laugh. Many of her blog postings are summaries or excerpts of books that she read and wants to share to encourage others. An author with more than 25 years experience within the legislative and executive branches of the U. S. federal government holding 3 accredited degrees: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and Baccalaureate of Business Administration, she believes in continuing learning both on and off the job. She has been recognized with multiple professional and writing awards for her peer-reviewed, publications. Click the bibliography page above for a listing of all the publications.

2 thoughts on “Water

  1. Really good, yet simple, tips here. There’s a couple I didn’t know including when to hydrate and reducing leg cramps.
    Babies start out at more than 80% water, but then we move to about 70% as we get older. Many people, especially as we get older, are at least partially dehydrated. One study I read showed that more than 50% of seniors don’t hydrate enough (there were some categorization in the study that I don’t remember).
    The famous “60 oz of water per day” for everyone from the 60s is less than true. It depends on the body size, exercise, temperature, and more. Plus about 60 oz for the typical person in typical conditions is really from all sources of water in foods and drink. If you are drinking 57 oz in addition to several other drinks per day, that may be too much fluid intake which will deplete your water-soluble vitamins (B, C, E), minerals, salts, and can effect your electrolyte balance.
    Many people who diet to lose weight inadvertently lose large amounts of water (which, of course, you can lose in a day or two). Unfortunately, that is not good for the body, and just plain dangerous. WebMD says that just a 5% reduction/depletion of water levels can be problematic for a person and about 10% deduction is dangerous.
    I love these 40-day journeys you take us on!:-)

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