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My Heart Journey


Just as I was transparent about the 40-day body journey, so I will be about this 40-day Defending Your Heart journey. In my life, as in the lives of many folks I’ve talked with and read about, love equals pain. It equals loss. It equals betrayal. It equals despair. Yet it is something we continue to be pulled toward.

Once, someone described my heart as having a hole in the bottom of it, two large gashes across it, and being encased in barbed wire. I felt this visualization defined my heart well. I knew exactly what caused each gash, and what caused the hole in the bottom, and why, because of this pain, I encased my heart with virtual barbed wire to keep it from further pain. I remember well the moment when I stated to myself, “no more, I cannot take anymore.” Our discussion about my heart then turned to the fact that it is hard to heal a heart with a hole in the bottom. I was asked to write a letter to the person whose loss had caused the hole in my heart and then to write a response from that person.

At first, the assignment sounded strange but I tried it. Once I got through writing about the pain, I was able to write about the love and the good times with that person before the loss. Just as a rainbow comes from the storm, I was able to smile through the tears. I was able to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

If you have a hole in your heart, perhaps this writing assignment will help you too. Give it a try.



Dr. Sheila Embry is a govie, author, pracademician, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend who loves to read, write, think, and laugh. Many of her blog postings are summaries or excerpts of books that she read and wants to share to encourage others. An author with more than 25 years experience within the legislative and executive branches of the U. S. federal government holding 3 accredited degrees: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and Baccalaureate of Business Administration, she believes in continuing learning both on and off the job. She has been recognized with multiple professional and writing awards for her peer-reviewed, publications. Click the bibliography page above for a listing of all the publications.

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