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Be Wakeful


We live two lives. One open, and one in secret. Our open life is the one we develop as we go along each day, the one we know best. It is our will, our personality, a whirlwind of activity we call life.

Our other life is our secret life. It’s our inner life, the life of the spirit, the source of our soul. Spirit is ever present, eternal, and shared with living things. Spirit creates and animates all life. We feel it when we hold a baby in our arms or kiss someone and fall in love. When we feel Spirit’s life-giving power, we are enlarged.

On a spiritual level, we are connected with our ancestors and all our descendants, with the deer in the deep woods and the eagle souring in the cloudless sky. Spirit resides in every heart, and there is awareness beyond death and before birth.

The relationship between who we are and who we think we are is our mask, our personality, our part in the play. Actors in the play exchange their masks of mood, and of character throughout the play, but the identity behind the mast remains the same throughout. However, in our lives, we often forget the true identity behind the mask and believe we are the mask. The more we identify with the play and our role, the more we forget our true self.

As infants are spiritualties are entirely present. The soul is born and unfolds in the body. She is present and natural with no pretense. As she grows, she becomes aware of her sense of self and learns restriction and the controlling word, “no.” So she can barely recall the magical world of early childhood when she was totally present without pretense. The great mystery is how to stay in touch with our spiritual essence while living in physical bodies with personalities that are endlessly occupied with getting the bills paid, eating well, raising our kids, and lowering our golf score.

The one essential thing

Is that we all strive to have light within ourselves.

  • Albert Schweitzer

How do we construct a spiritual raft when we are stressed out preoccupied, being carried along by the rushing currents of real life? First, pay attention. Be totally conscious so that nothing unconscious and dark remains in your being.

Wakefulness is the way to live

The fool sleeps

As if he were already dead,

But the master is awake

And he lives forever.

He watches.

He is clear.

  • Buddha


Cite: Losing the Weight of the World: A Spiritual Diet to Nourish the Soul by Jonathan Kramer, and Diane Dunaway Kramer





Dr. Sheila Embry is a govie, author, pracademician, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend who loves to read, write, think, and laugh. Many of her blog postings are summaries or excerpts of books that she read and wants to share to encourage others. An author with more than 25 years experience within the legislative and executive branches of the U. S. federal government holding 3 accredited degrees: Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Human Resources Development, and Baccalaureate of Business Administration, she believes in continuing learning both on and off the job. She has been recognized with multiple professional and writing awards for her peer-reviewed, publications. Click the bibliography page above for a listing of all the publications.

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